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Full Version: Scope of bioinformatics ??
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My son is intending to adopt the bioinformatics for his bachelors. I want
to see him a computer programmer. So, would you guys like to share
some fair ideas as far as the career is concerned? I'll be thankful to you.
Hello friends I am Libby. I also want to done my graduation in bioinformatics. It is a good way to show your self great. Through this platform we can help the others. There are only few great names in this category so It is a great opportunity to improve ourself.
Yes there is a scope of bioinformatics a lot
Bioinformatics has a very great scope. The vast developments in biotechnology and genomics, the need for bioinformatician is increasing. The Human Genome Project alone creates an enormous amount of data that needs to be properly categorized and stored.

Bioinformatics has more opportunity than Biotech because it is computer connected topic and provides many carrier provider options like software developer, biological data manager or analyzer , medication developing, wet lab analysis etc. In India, few peoples are doing bioinformatics so it's a great opportunity in India to get a job quickly than Biotech students because of there vacancies of knowledge.
Bioinformatics has an outstanding career growth projection.
Can anyone please share the link to study materials for
Bioinformatics ...
Thank you
I think it is getting late to enter into the area of bioinformatics at this point. There were many openings before. But lately, this area is getting stagnated in terms of career prospects both in India and in the US. I see Indian students struggling to find bioinformatics jobs here in the US.
Eventually the field of bioinformatics will just merge into the life sciences or computational areas and cease to exist as a specialization in itself.
Bioinformatics is a really good field to study. And it can give an advantage when applying for many different jobs and phd studies. The expected salary after such an education should be pretty decent, depending on country and the type of job of course.
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