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AMAG Pharma (USA) - News, Takeovers and Job Openings
AMAG pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical firm that works towards developing products for treating various chronic kidney conditions. The firm also produces pharmaceutical products in the iron group category for patients suffering from anemia. It also supports many medical programs for the sake of improving the health of one and all.

Popular biotech products
AMAG pharmaceuticals develop and markets iron products. As of now, the firm has two products in the market: Feraheme which is intended for intravenous use and MuGurad which is an oral wound rinse.

Feraheme is indicated for use in patients with iron deficiency anemia. It is particularly used in patients with chronic kidney disease. It needs special mention here that, this product should not be given to patients who exhibit intolerance towards it or have known hypersensitivity to this drug.
MuGuard is a mucoadhesive oral wound rinse that is indicated for treatment of mucositis caused due to side effects of radiotherapy or chemotherapy. This oral wound rinse can also be used for treatment of other types of oral wounds such as mouth sores and injuries which includes canker sores, traumatic ulcers and aphthous ulcers.

Latest discoveries
AMAG pharmaceutical develops iron containing products for treatment of anemia in patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. Of late, in the year 2010, the firm launched MuGuard which is an oral wound rinse meant for treating oral wounds and several types of mouth ulcers. This product was released in the market when it received 510 (K) clearances from the US Food and Drug Administration. The firm received the US commercial rights for MuGuard in the year 2013.

Recent company takeovers
The firm recognizes as well as understands the importance of collaborations and partnering with other firms. Collaborations increase the chances of widening the areas of research which helps both the parties expand their business prospects. The following is a list which provides details about the collaborations and acquisitions by AMAG pharmaceuticals.
• In the year 2010, the firm joined hands with Takeda for development and commercialization of Feraheme in 5 regions namely Canada, Turkey, Europe, Asia pacific countries and the Commonwealth of Independent States.
• In 2008, the firmed entered into collaboration with 3SBio Inc. to commercialize Feraheme in states of China.

Recent corporate news
AMAG pharmaceuticals is a member of NASDAQ and is traded as AMAG. The stock quote for this firm is 25.07 and the volume stands as 47,833.

Work culture
The work culture at AMAG pharmaceuticals is very dynamic and at the same time vibrant. The firm regards its employees as its assets and rewards them handsomely for their exemplary performance. In addition, the firm also provides several benefits to its employees.
The following are the benefits offered by this firm to its employees:
• Medical insurance
• Disability
• Flexible spending accounts that covers the heath and dependent care
• Life / accidental death
• Supplemental life insurance
• 401 (K) plan
• Time off
• Tuition assistance
• Credit union
• Employee assistance program
• Adoption leave

Interesting events
The firm is constantly on the move and is carrying out research to develop products that would help in treatment of diseases. The following is a list of events for the current year showcasing the skills and achievements of AMAG pharmaceuticals.
• The firm would present at the upcoming investor conferences
• The firm announced the issuance of new US patent for Ferumoxytol.
• It also announced the second quarter and six month financial results for the current month.
• The firm launched a program known as “Iron matters” for educating the patients about iron deficiency anemia.
• AMAG pharmaceuticals also supports the medical community through the AMAG Medical Institute.

Recent job openings
The firm is forever on the hunt for young and experienced individuals who with their hard work and perseverance can take the firm to new defined avenues and produce world class products for the world at large. The firm is an equal opportunity employer and sees no bar in religion, caste, color, race, sexuality, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status and creed. The following is a list of job openings at AMAG pharmaceuticals:
• Senior Medical Science Liasion – id: 520: In this, the individual serves as the main person for handling the field – based scientific resource pertaining to healthcare providers, patients, colleagues of the firm and industry partners. The individual will also be responsible for building professional relationships with KOL for widening the areas of research and business prospects. The candidate should have advanced clinical scientific degrees with minimum of 3 – years of experience in MSL pharmaceutical.
• Regional access manager – id: 531: This is a newly created job position of this firm. The concerned individual would have a major role to play in supporting the business and will have to report to the National Director of Account Management Team. At the minimum the candidate should be BA or BS with at least 7 – 10 years of experience in the relevant field.
• Special Account Representative – id: 543: The individual will be responsible to build strategic account relationships and should possess strong analytical skills. He should have BA or BS degree with more than 4 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales.
• Executive Assistant – id: 556: In this, the individual will be responsible to provide administrative support in legal affairs. He should be a graduate and should have more than 5 years of experience in administrative role of similar kind.
• QA Manager – id: 557: The individual will be responsible to facilitate all Quality systems of the firm and will also have to carry out training programs. He should have a BS degree in Chemistry, Biological science, engineering with 5 -7 years of experience in quality assurance.
• Corporate Paralega –id: 562: In this, the individual will be responsible for providing contract administration management and has to assist the legal department personnel with several administrative functioning. He could be a graduate in any field with at least 5 years of paralegal experience.
• Accounts Payable representative – id: 563: In this, the individual is responsible for performing invoice match, coding and approvals and verification of payment authorization. The candidate should be ADP expense expert and should have knowledge in Microsoft Great Plains.
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