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Abbott Laboratories Latest news and current job openings
Abbott laboratories is a global company based in America that deals with pharmaceuticals and health care products. A physician from Chicago Wallace Calvin Abbott was the founder of this company which came into existence in the year 1888. It has its headquarters in North Chicago Illinois and Abbott Park. Abbott laboratories is a home for over 90,000 employees and has offices in more than 130 countries across the globe. In the year 2010, Abbott laboratories had more than $35 billion in revenue.

The company has developed several immunodiagnostic instruments and tests for diagnosing disease conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, thyroid disease, drug abuse, pregnancy and fertility.

It also has hands on expertise in the field of hematology enabling better monitoring of diseases and its associated treatments. With its new innovations in the area of molecular diagnostics the detection and monitoring of disease conditions such as lung and breast cancers, HIV infection and bone marrow transplants have become possible.

Abbott laboratories have gained the topmost position in pediatric nutrition. Its products have helped the babies born pre-maturely gain weight. It gives the ideal nutritional supplement for babies and their mothers and it also manufactures special food products for babies with food intolerances.

Popular biotech products
This company has a diverse range of products ranging from pharmaceutical drugs to ophthalmology to nutrition. Not a single area of health care remains untouched. The following is a list of products developed by Abbott Laboratories.

• Diagnostic products include Architect Abbott prism, cell-DYN emerald, Cell-DYN ruby and Cell-DYN sapphire in hematology. In the area of molecular diagnostics the products developed by this firm include Abbott m2000, Abbott realtime, vysis ALK Fish, path vysion and viroseq.
• With the Abbott diabetes diagnostic tests kits for managing diabetes is now easy. This test kit yields faster results and requires small amount blood as sample. This test kit can be used at home and even in hospitals.
• Abbott laboratories also develop cataract products, products pertaining to refractive eye surgery and corneal products.
• Nutritional supplements for babies, mothers and adults. It also develops supplements for individuals with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, kidney disorders, celiac diseases and bone disorders such as osteoporosis.
• Antibiotics and drugs for cardiovascular diseases, gastroenterology, metabolic disorders and woman's health.

Latest discoveries
The year 2013 witnessed the division of Abbott laboratories into 2 groups: Abbott and Abbvie. The division was made so that the pharmaceutical and research groups can be divided. It was done to ensure that both the areas can prosper and develop better products for the world. The following is a list of some of the pharmaceutical products developed by Abbvie.
• Aluvia
• Calcijex
• Duodopa
• Ethrane
• Forane
• Gengraf
• Levophed
• Lupron
• Mivacron
• Norvir
• Prometrium
• Sevorane
• Ultane
• Simdax
• Tridione
• Vicodine
• Vicoprofen
• Zemplar

Recent company takeovers
Abbott laboratories is achieving greater heights with each passing year. In the year 2010, the company took over Solvays SA’s pharmaceuticals unit (Press). In the same year, the firm announced that it would take over the branded generics division of Piramal healthcare, an Indian pharmaceutical company at $3.7 billion.

Recent corporate news
Abbott laboratories is a Fortune 200 company with more than 90, 000 people employed worldwide. The primary focus and diversification is in healthcare. Fortune has also ranked Abbott as one of the most admired companies. In more than 25 countries it has been ranked as a top employer. The firm has been awarded the Galen prize for innovation in patient care.

Abbott laboratories is facing tough competition in the market from the generic drug manufacturers. The products of Abbott Labs can be broadly classified under three divisions - pharmaceutical, nutritional and medical. Though medical and nutritional products have constantly been in demand, pharmaceutical has remained the major earner. In 2010, revenue from Pharmaceutical products alone was $19.9 billion, which was 56.6% of the total revenue. For nutritional products it was $5.5 billion, which was 15.7% of the total revenue. For diagnostics it was $3.8 billion, which was 10.8% of the total revenue for 2010. Vascular products business stood at $3.8 billion and revenues from research and development was $3.7 billion in 2010.

Piramal Healthcare is a leading drug care manufacturer company in India. Its' branded generic business has been acquired by Abbott Labs in 2010.
In the second quarter of 2013 the total stock issuance of Abbott Laboratories has come down by 0.96% to 36.10.

Work culture
The employers have a great future at Abbott laboratories and do their best to deliver world class products and services in health care. The employers and the company quickly adapt to the changing needs in healthcare and pharma. The best part is the employers come in with a new zeal each morning to achieve something different and constructive for the world at large.

The working environment in this firm is friendly and full of energy. Tasks allotted are finished in time and the employers are never overloaded with work. The employees are well aware of their responsibilities and never fail to meet deadlines.

Interesting events
Abbott laboratories have released High sensitive troponin – I assay that promises to detect risks of occurrence of heart attack at least 30 days before time. The firm has also been granted clearance by the FDA for the Freestyle Precision Pro Blood Glucose and beta-Ketone Monitoring System.

Recent job openings -
Abbott laboratories always welcome new and aspiring individuals who wish to do something for the world and take the firm to greater heights. Interested candidates can drop in their resume and if they are shortlisted can expect a call from the recruiters. The candidates will be called for interview for further selection process. In case you receive an appointment letter, the individuals will be given details about the compensation package and additional benefits from the firm. This is informed to all the selected candidates so that they can make their decisions accordingly. The candidates are asked to visit the Abbott website to look for recruitment details and stuff like that.
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China's national quality watchdog on Tuesday asked a Chinese arm of the U.S.-based Abbott Laboratories to recall two infant formula products, the latest in a series of recalls after New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra Co-Operative Group Ltd. said that some of their products might contain a bacteria that could cause severe food poisoning.


Abbott Laboratories Has One Of The Best Internship Programs In America.
In the past three years, approximately 49% of the company's U.S. interns were hired into full-time positions.


Abbott Receives FDA Clearance for FreeStyle Precision Pro Blood Glucose and Beta-Ketone Monitoring System™


Crohns Disease Program -

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