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Importance of Green Biotechnology
Green technology (known also as clean or environmental friendly technology) consider using latest technological achievements to produce different systems, products or equipment that could help preserve natural environment. Development of renewable energy sources, recycling and agro-technological improvements are some of the examples of green tech.

We are all wasting energy. If you are sitting in front of the computer – it’s using battery or is plugged directly to electricity source. Chair you are sitting on, bottle you are drinking water from, mouse you are using to navigate the web, internet router near the table, flowerpot on the window…it’s all made by burning hundred billions of petroleum annually.

Fossil fuels are widely used for vehicle fuel production and to power the industries and machines, but they are required for development of everyday consumer products as well. Everything from contact lenses and dishes to diapers, toys, tires and chemicals is made out of fossil fuels. However, fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy and we will run out of oil reserves eventually. Besides being non-renewable, burning the fossil fuels increase atmospheric CO2 level and enhance green house effect, thus contributing to the global warning phenomena. Global warming accelerates polar ice melting and subsequent climate changes that are affecting all living creatures on Earth. Is there anything we can do to help save our planet and its resources before it’s too late?

For the beginning, alternative energy sources could help keep our environment healthy while energy is produced. Sources are everywhere around us, we just need to find the way to exploit them.

Wind turbines are designed to collect energy of the wind and convert it into electricity. Principle is simple: airflow rotates the propellers, they are moving magnets and magnet movement produces electricity. Wind farms can be seen all around Europe, Asia and USA and all together 83 countries in the world are relaying completely on this kind of energy for commercial use. In 2011, 50% of total energy produced in Germany and Spain was derived from wind and sun energy. Wind power is the most cost effective alternative source of energy today.

Solar energy can be used in a couple of ways. Solar thermal collectors (that can be seen on the rooftops of many European houses) are absorbing sun light and use it further for residential heating. Photovoltaic systems are absorbing sun energy and convert it into electric energy. Just 16% of absorbed solar energy can be transformed into electricity which makes solar energy less efficient than one derived from the wind.

Hydroelectricity is term describing electricity produced by the power of the water. Gravitational force of falling water is generating electricity. Hydroelectric plants are not expensive and this is one of the most used alternative energy source (150 countries all over the world are using energy produced by hydropower).

Geothermal energy is derived from geothermal sources like geysers, magma, hot springs. It’s used for electricity production or for direct heating. Geothermal plants that are collecting heat from earth's core and drilling procedure are expensive, which makes geothermal energy less popular compared to other renewable sources.

Biomass can be described as any kind of plants, agricultural waste or vegetation (dead or alive) that could be used as energy source. Energy could be released by thermal conversion or by transforming biomass into biofuels and biogases. Depending on the sources of biomass used, it can be more or less cost effective. Main issue with biomass derived energy is inevitable pollution of both air and water.

Nuclear power is produced in nuclear power plants. Electricity is generated by controlled nuclear fission (nuclear chain reaction). Since fission creates radioactivity, nuclear reactor is equipped with protective shield. However, couple of dramatic events (such as Chernobyl and Fukushima) associated with nuclear leakage are noted in the history and consequences of those events are still present.

Every alternative source of energy has its pros and cons. If they are effective in energy production that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be eco friendly. Also if they are harmless to the environment there’s a chance that manufacture process will be expensive. While searching the best possible solution for the next renewable energy source we need to keep world sustainable. As long as we are wisely using natural resources (taking what is needed without disturbing natural balance) – we are on the right track.
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Green biotechnology is nothing but farming or flower medical ,its concerned with helping the quality of plants or agriculturally important crops to improve the generate using inherited engineering!thanks!!
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In the world of global warming,green biotechnology contributing in different ways to decrease carbon dioxide emission.Two approaches as follow:
1)Improve the potential of plants as a source for bio energy,such as bio ethanol or bio energy.
2)Create significant rises in per hectare yield of crops to prevent further deforestation.
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Now a days, Biotechnology has been growing very rapidly and its development has covered almost every sector. Green biotechnology makes use of modern technologies such as recombinant-DNA technology to explore the potential of plants to build a sustainable world.
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What significance does medical have in modifying to a natural economy? Is there enough area to generate food and vegetation for use as types of or raw materials? These concerns are at the center of a new analysis review, Technology as a handle for maintainable development', atmosphere, power, and the surroundings.
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