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Huge Step in Progeria Understanding and Promising Treatments
It is somehow heartbreaking to know that there are a number of individuals who suffered from Progeria, 53 to be exact. But what is enlightening is that most of them had the desire to make a difference to many, one way or another.

One of the oldest known survivors of the condition is Leon Botha who was a South African hip hop artist who survived at the age of 26 before his death in June 2011. He conducted several art exhibitions presenting hip hop as his way of life. He was also a disc jockey with the DJ name Solarize.

Another contractor of the condition, Margaret “Meg” Casey, was also a journalist who wrote a column for her local newspaper. She talked about the difficulties of the handicapped for the paper and had her write-up printed in Reader’s Digest where even the President Reagan in 1981, wrote to her saying, “You are very special, Meg. Your family and friends love and admire you and you bring out awe in all you know.” She also got interested in serving on a commission for the disabled in Milford, Connecticut. Later on, she felt the urge to speak out in behalf of the younger progeria victims, “Being the oldest puts an obligation on you to be the spokesperson. I’m the only one…all the rest are children.”

Hayley Okines of England who is currently 15 years old, is one of the younger victims of progeria. She appeared on Television several times and inspired many to give funds for the study of the condition. Being a subject of such treatment, she wrote an autobiography co-authored with her mother, Kerry Okines, and contributor Alison Stokes. It was entitled, “Old Before My Time”.

Although most of the cases of mortality are directed to atherosclerosis complications, such as stroke or heart attack, people with this condition do not manifest signs commonly associated with aging, like osteoarthritis and cataract.

It is inspiring to know that there are people with such a condition yet are still able to think positively about life. Would it be possible that not only do their bodies advance faster than normal, but their maturity as well?
Lyka Candelario, RN
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