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Requesting help for GATE BT 2019 - Sudhira - 06-26-2018


I am new to Biotechnologyforums. This portal is doing a great job in supporting, motivating and also teaching biotechnology students like myself. I am Sudhira, currently done with B.Tech in biotechnology, preparing for GATE 2019, which is going to be organised by IIT-Madras. I have a few queries regarding that. How has GATE question asking pattern changed over years, especially Madras? I don't have a knack of giving such competitive exams, because negative marking freaks me out. When I leave questions, I get worried about missing out on my chances of getting the answer right. But this habit of mine, guessing an answer, backfires. How do I deal with such paranoia? Is there anything important I need to know about IIT-M setting the GATE-BT for 2019? I'm very much worried. Please help me out!