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Confused about Msc options - Sasmitha - 06-11-2018

Hello, I am doing my Bsc (hons) in Biotechnology. I am confused about what my Msc should be in to pursue Cancer research. Will it help to do my Msc in Biomedicine ?

RE: Confused about Msc options - Antor - 06-26-2018

Cancer is a leading cause of death in the western world and accounts for a quarter of all mortalities. For this reason cancer research is one of the largest and fastest developing and thus best funded areas of the biomedical sciences. However, I believe that you can do MSc in Cancer Research. This MSc programme provides relevant, hands-on training in a research setting and is aimed at life science and medical graduates who wish to specialise in the field of cancer research. The purpose of the programme is to provide these graduates with a broad and deep theoretical foundation of cancer biology, on top of which the key research laboratory skills and practical experiences are built. So I think MSc in cancer research is better option.