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Let's Talk about Knockdown! - Dianna Jennifer - 09-02-2014

Hi, everyone!
A new guy here.Blush

Do you know Knockdown?

As far as I know RNA interference has become a widely used approach to perform gene knockdown experiments in cell cultures and more recently transgenic animals. It has developed into a routine method to assess gene function in a fast and easy manner.These RNAi models allow researchers to induce and reverse gene knockdown in transgenic mice at selected time points in vivo.

Here proprietary RNAi technology is extremely vital to our research and experiment.

If you are interested in this topic and you know something about it, please share with us!
If U have any questions about it or have any trouble with your experiment, you can also ask!
I and my Creative Animodel colleagues are glad to help you!

Hope to discuss with you soon!

Best regards,
DiannaBig Grin

RE: Let's Talk about Knockdown! - yashabutt - 09-06-2017

I once completed an assignment on knockout mice.