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Full Version: Job opportunities at Syngene International Limited,Bengaluru,India
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Designation : Senior Principal Scientist

Job description

Responsible for handling oligonucleotides/peptides projects.
1. RFF evaluation and cost projection
2. Analytical planning and execution for Oligo programs
3. Guiding the team to develop robust analytical methods
4. Play a key role in team building mentoring team.
5. Responsible for review of analytical report/data.
6. Responsible for analytical technology transfer to Quality control lab.
Responsible for integrating the scientific work of others and provides input on
experimental data analysis.
7. Responsible for integrating the scientific work of others and provides input on experimental data analysis.
8. Development report preparation
9. Update/share analytical development progress with clients
10. Ensure the lab safety compliances.


M.Sc / M.Sc (Tech) / M.Tech in Analytical Chemistry/ Chemistry with Bio-analytical experience of more than 14 years or P.hD in Bio-analytical with 5
years of experience.


Analytical method development involving purity analysis and impurities
determination by HPLC/UPLC (IEX and IP reverse phase), SEC etc. of synthetic
oligonucleotides (DNA, ss RNA, ds RNA etc.) and peptides
LCMS analysis of oligonucleotides and/or peptides (ESI, MALDI-TOF, Orbit rap,
APCI, Q-TOF, MS/MS etc.)
Hands on experience in wide range of mass spectrometry equipments (Waters,
Thermo, Brucker etc.) and HPLC/UPLC equipments (Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu
etc.) troubleshooting, data interpretation using advance so�ware for
oligonucleotides and peptides
Sequencing analysis, sequence determination/confirmation of
oligonucleotides and peptides (LCMS, MS/MS, MALDI-TOF)
UV content assay, Tm analysis, NMR, IR, PAGE analysis of oligonucleotides
Oligonucleotides purity and content analysis by capillary gel electrophoresis
Bio analysis of oligonucleotides using hybridization based immunoassay
Analytical sample preparation (HPLC, LCMS, Mass, MALDI-TOF etc.)
Have hands on experience on validation of analytical methods for synthetic
large molecules
Good knowledge of cGXP especially cGMP and cGLP
Metal analysis, residual solvent analysis, microbial analysis of
oligonucleotides and peptides
Regulatory knowledge (US FDA, European FDA etc.) for the development of oligonucleotides/peptides.
Lead and manage team of 4-5 scientists.
Maintain reports up to date and work closely with project leaders and other stake holders.

Designation : Senior Principal Investigator

Job description

Qualification Ph.D in Life Sciences/Pharma with 8-12 years of relevant industrial experience in Pharma and FMCG R&D sector. Experience in working with a CRO would be a plus.

Strong in vitro biologist with experience in cell based assays, functional assays with human primary cells, high throughput screens, custom assay development.

Candidate should have experience in developing functional assays with physiological relevance e.g. cytokine release assays, biomarker assays, flow based assays in different cell types along with gene and protein expression based mechanistic studies in the cellular or tissue samples.

The experience with different target classes- enzymes and receptors using different technology platforms including TR-FRET, Luminescence, fluorescence and radioactive would be desirable.

Candidate should have flexibility to adapt to changing scenario in R&D; should be able to seamlessly work across pharma and non-pharma domains based on requirements with ability to formulate and plan projects independently.

Strong Leadership skills with an ability to manage mid-level scientists and provide mentorship to a scientific team while interfacing with the clients with an ability to build, drive and grow client collaborations

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