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I've got admitted to Amity University, Noida's Mtech Biotechnology programme after successful completion of Btech Biotechnology.
One of my bachelor's teachers suggested me not to go for any Private university as they are not preferred by i stitutes thay offer PhD later. He suggests that any govt university is better than a top notch private university which just extract money.
I am interested in pursuing PhD after my masters. Should I go for a masters programme in a private university? Or should I drop an year to prepare for GATE and get admitted to masters in any IIT? Or I should simple drop the idea of a masters degree as PhD can be pursued even after BTech? Please guide.
I would suggest you to get admission in M.Tech in Amity and then prepare for CSIR-JRF or DBT-JRF during your M.Tech and do Phd from a premier institute.