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Full Version: What are the job opportunities after M.Tech in Biotechnology
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Respected Sir,

I will complete M.Tech Biotechnology from VIT University in may 2017. Currently, am doing 1 year project as a part of curriculum at Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Calcutta University.
My project is on synthesis of nanoparticle, characterization and its application against cancer stem cells.
What are the job opportunities and what should I expect in pay scale? How should I approach companies?
Hello Anusuya,

Given your specialisation I would suggest applications at:
Biocon, IGIB, AIIMS and Wrig (I'm being very specific, otherwise there are plenty of other opportunities as well). These few firms can give you a good launchpad.

You should be targeting R&D of these firms and can expect salary in the range of 4-6lpa.

Hope it helps
Best wishes
Thank you so much Sir for your valuable advice. This reply is very important to me. I will look for opportunities to apply at the above mentioned places.
Whenever I search for job opportunities the mention of 2-3 years experience come up in the eligibility criteria.
Is there any scope that a nano biotechnology student apply for application of nanotechnology in food packaging or food industry?

Thank you!

Anusuya Bhattacharya