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Full Version: Recombinant proteins essay, advice on what and where to look for information.
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Hello I'm a biochemistry student and I have been set a essay on (paraphrased) "Role of recombinant proteins in the 21st century?" The essay needs to be balanced.

To me learning is the most important thing, so I do not want help with the essay it's self. But because genetics and related fields are not my strongest subject I would very much appreciate some advice on where to look for information and perhaps what areas I have overlooked that I should educate my self on so that I can strengthen my argument.
So far I have a reasonable understanding of:

Us of recombinant proteins in treatment of disease; insulin, ILs Ect

Use in vaccines.

Practical development of them; misfolding, post-translational modification, differences in organisms Ect.

I don't have much understanding of where the technology is going in the future and potential drawbacks of the technology. Advice on where to search or even how best to search for information will be greatly appreciated.
You may need to research principles and theories of biotechnology or search on YouTube for a video the future of biotechnology . They will tell you about where technology is going in terms of bio and in depth with it, too.
You should just search and read the articles about genetics , DNA etc. and related fields . It will give you an idea of what it is. This would be biotechnology. Well, the only options you have is books at the library or online researching or what you have learned in your class. You need to get a book on Genetics I mean.
Julie Loc
Dear Kminski, if you want to get an overview about the newest results in optimizing the yields in transient gene expression, I can recommend following site:
There is described how the plasmid size, transfection reagent etc infect the yield. You also find there a collection of literature, which cover this topics.