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Full Version: BioWrit - Oct -2015 | Topper to get INR 9000/- (US $132)
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About this Contest (Theme: PULSE POSTING):
You are expected to make only 2 posts in Diseases and Diagnostics section of BiotechnologyForums (

Your posts can be:
(a) A New Article or
(b) A response/reply to already existing articles in this section.
This is what this contest is broadly about. Sounds simple? Well, let's make it bit difficult:

Winner will get INR 9000/- (US $ 132) | Guaranteed
The prize amount has already been submitted to and thus will definitely be awarded to the winner.

Goes without saying that you will need to register and participate in this contest through only. Entries will be accessed from there only.

Because, you are not supposed to make both posts in a single day. Posts must be made in Pulses (well gapped). So that is why it is called Pulse Posting Contest.

(a) If you are writing a new article/thread (start a new thread), then you can write about any disease or diagnostic technique which is not currently written in the given section/ or our forum. Ensure a nice layout for a new article (About the disease, a little background, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Latest Research etc can make an article worth reading). You are free to use your own skills though.
(b) If you are writing a reply or response to an already existing article or topic in the given section i.e Diseases and Diagnostics, then ensure that you keep the context unique and different from already posted responses (and obviously it should not be there in the article itself).

1. You can add response to your own article
2. Responses added to different articles have more value than all responses to the same article.
3. A new article would always be weighed above a short reply/response.
4. Both posts can be replies (atleast 300 words)
5. Article should preferably be between 1200-1500 words with images and well defined structure and formatting.
6. Avoid plagiarism. We are not throwing away money for cheaters!
7. Avoid spamming the forum with irrelevant or naive content. It's strictly a BIOTECHNOLOGY / LIFE SCIENCES FORUM. Stay on the track!
8. Two posts is a minimal criteria. You can add relevant posts / responses to the extent you feel interested. Every extra 'RELEVANT' post will be considered.
9. Avoid putting a lot of self stories. Technical content will be more appreciated. Mind it, we said 'avoid "A lot of self stories". Some relevant stories are welcome.
10. Don't rush into posting both posts on a single day!

1. Replies must not be shorter than 300 words.
2. Articles must not be shorter than 1200 words.
4. References must be made where ever necessary.
5. Each entry will be awarded marks out of 100. In case of ties, our editing and knowledge management team would hold the right to decide the qualitatively better entry.
6. Entries scoring less than 45 will be rejected.
7. Minimum 3 days should be taken to complete your entry.

8. In case of a tie in marks, the submission time will be taken into account [for free entries] (entry submitted earlier will be given the priority). 

***Entries submitted with below mentioned (OPTIONAL) entry fee will get you a Priority Pass for 1st consideration in case of a tie in marks.
IMPORTANT: There is an OPTIONAL ENTRY fee of US $1 (INR 60) for participating to get a PRIORITY PASS for 1st consideration (IN CASE OF A TIE IN MARKS) in this contest. 



It requires technical skills and true experiences to participate in this contest. If you are not one of the genuine ones, then better avoid this contest.

Google: "Pulse Posting on | BioWRIT"
and you will find the link to the contest at It's a featured and Top contest at Freelancer.

or goto

Update: After discussions amongst the editing and knowledge management panel for dealing with "TIE" or "Equal Quality Submissions", it has been decided that:

In case of a tie in marks, the submission time will be taken into account (entry submitted earlier will be given the priority).

As per recent update, participants in BioWrit 2015 are expected to write only two posts. Read above for details.
Entry fee has been made optional now. Check out the details above in the main thread.