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Full Version: solutions to problems in books
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Hello all,I just wanted to know if there is any way to get answers that are given at the end of chapters
I need ans for Cell Biology book by Gerald Karp
For lehningers it is there online...But I couldn't find online for karp...
Thanks in advance
I have done biotechnology and i am interested in doing masters in food biotechnology please help me about the colleges in india as well as abroad.
Hi Kunal,

Explore Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences (SHIATS) in Allahabad. UDCT  would be the best place to go for M.Tech in Food Biotech. RV College is also a nice option. NIFTEM is another great option. Almost every good college in US/Europe offer specialization in Food Biotech. You'll need a good GRE score to grab scholarship based seat abroad. In India too, you'll need the support of some competitive exam(s). I hope you have/had appeared for the same in time.

Let me know your details (qualifying/competitive exams appeared/qualified).

Best wishes

Sunil sir,
Thank for help. Sir may i knw what we can do in food industry...i mean what type of jobs do food biotechnologist can have