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Full Version: Foods for heart health
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Raw Vegetarian diet plan is good for the heart health because this diet plan controls the cholesterol level and burn the excess of fat to keep the heart healthy and active. This diet plan reduce the risk of heart stroke and severe heart diseases.
Fresh fruits, raw vegetables, nuts, fish, fish oil, olive oil, green tea, coffee, and citrus fruits juices are most effective foods for the heart health.
I agree with you! But it is really hard to follow this diet. However, antibiotic resistance in individuals is an increasing issue. The FDA is attempting to tackle this issue by limiting the use of some antibiotics in agricultural applications.
Well if your eating unhealthy, it can make your heart work harder than it should. Like cholesterol for example...ever seen a draino commercial? It works kinda like that. The better your heart works, the better flow of oxygen to all the parts of your body which keeps them in tip top shape. Also, your liver is like a filter that breaks down toxins, the less toxins, the easier it will be for that in the long run. Your body needs a certain amount of calories, vitamins, and minerals to work properly. Without them, or with too much, it makes it harder on your body