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I am Mr. Jyoti Ranjan Nayak from Odisha,India.I study biotechnology in GIET Gunupur,Odisha.
hello guys my name is lupolizapata
im from indonesia and im biotechnology student
Guys and gals. Welcome on board.
hiya awl..
am from pakistan and dis iz my father's account,lol...
am from FSD,pakistan
hope to find reliable sources here dat'll help me.. Smile

btw am in B.S biotechnology, 2nd prof
I am new to this forum and found some interesting discussions here. Hence would like to contribute here.
Hi every one my name is Noor its nice to be here
hey... every one i am mark. and i am fresher on this website....
Hi, my name is newton, reading Bsc. molecular biology and Biotechnology, @ UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST, GHANA WEST AFRICA
Hope this forum will be an interesting one, plateform to share ideas and to learn more. Thank u
Hi everyone!!

This is Priya.Have done my masters in biotech from one of the universities in India.Currently in USA and looking out for a job opportunity.Can some one pls gimme an idea of the companies that sponsor H1 B visa??

We welcome all new members on the forum.

To Aashita >> There is a thread for H1b visa over here >>
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