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Hi, My name is Matt Archer, I am working for a large diagnostic company and have worked in biotech/pharma for about 7 years. I am working towards my MBA at the University of California San Diego and I am happy to find this forum.
Hi Matt, We are equally delighted to have you on the forum. Continue to share your knowledge and real life professional experience in the biotech/pharma industry. Sooner or later there will be people looking for some career guidance from you.
Hey every one. I am new to the forum. I like discussions and this forum suits me best. I would love to spend quality here.
Welcome to Biotechnology forums .. Tell us something about yourself.
hey guys.. I am just new in this forum looking to get some really helpful information about the biotechnology..I hope it would be the best experience for me..
thanks in advance for your further cooperate guys..
Hello everyone, I just joined the forum today, I look forward to learning and sharing of useful information from you. Currently, I am working in applied bio-technology joint stock company in Vietnam, specializing in manufacturing and distribution of bio-preparations in the treatment of diseases of rice, vegetables and pepper.

Unlike other types of chemicals used in agriculture, we applied new technologies in plant protection for human safety and the environment, research and development salicylic acid preparations, a new step improvement radically on the market of plant protection products available today.

Have a nice day all guys
Welcome Amy ..

Do share your thoughts on various posts on our forum.
I just joined, this forum seems to interesting and flooded with biotech stuff
I hope a learn and contribute a lot from here
Welcome Naitry, looking forward for your participation here.
Hi guys!
My name is Eugenio, I'm a mexican student in biotechnology and I'm looking for another student in order to share and chat about the careers, subjects, etc. Would anyone like to?
Regards. Smile
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