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Hello Everyone, i'm an mtech student and doing project on amino acid analysis. I have read in an IEEE paper that as carboxyl group and amino group of an amino acid contains 7 atoms(except Proline,it has 6 atoms) and each atom considered as 1 ohm resistor,so, total of 7 ohm resistors of an amino acid groups. And i am trying to understand how an atom is considered as 1 ohm but somehow i cannot understand it. Anyone can tell me about this ? The paper is attached here. Thank you.

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Ur doing in bioinfo.?
Then plz help me .. i have some cofusion..
This is post no. 3 under the main topic.
(04-21-2017, 01:11 PM)Saurabh R. Wrote: Hi...
Ur doing in bioinfo.?
Then plz help me .. i have some cofusion..

I need help..I want to do in bioinformatics..
have just GATE with AIR 1600 
tried for IIITHyderabd but i missed its ast date to apply..
Have checked for DTU 
and i dont to want to do research..
Advise me good colleges( with good Placements)to apply for bioinfo specifically?
This is post no. 4 under the main topic.
(04-21-2017, 01:11 PM)Saurabh R. Wrote: Hi...
Ur doing in bioinfo.?
Then plz help me .. i have some cofusion..
From where...u r diung plz tall me iit insti. Which provide in bioinfo. Ans there is same gate exam for both biotech .and bioinfo. Na,,??
And after appearing gate how to choose bioinfo. For means for specilization at the end of 1 sem or at begining of admission???

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