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M.Tech or PhD
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Dear sir,
I am B.Tech graduate in biotechnology.. I had given TIFR GS2017 exam back in December'16. Based on this exam, and application form, I am shortlisted in IISER Pune for PhD program.. Also I have submitted application form in NCBS Bangalore.
I have also appeared for Gate'17 and I have calculated 47.35 marks based on answer key.

Now I am confused whether I should pursue PhD from IISER/ NCBS or do M.Tech from IITs.. As doing PhD for 5 years(or even 7 years in some cases) is big investment of time for me.
Please advice me whether I will get better job opportunity than IITs after my PhD.
Please advice me the correct path for my career..
Thank you in advance..
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Congratulations, u should go through tifr score (in my opinion)
This is post no. 3 under the main topic.
Hi, thank you for replying, can you please point out some advantages of PhD from IISER/NCBS over M.Tech from IIT? In future I will be looking for industrial jobs..
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For knowing about ncbs PhD u should talk to Sanjay Kumar shukla sir. He is doing research in ncbs. I think u know him on facebook
This is post no. 5 under the main topic.
I think talk to those who got success. I am not a better person to tell I heard by a senior iisc banglore PhD he says tifr is much better than iits except old one..
This is post no. 6 under the main topic.
Ok sure thank you

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