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Regarding the summer internship
(08-15-2017, 10:02 PM)Nisha96 Wrote: Hi sir I'm from shoolini university, HP. I'm preparing for gate from lehninger book for biochemistry as per suggested by you. Can you please help me out in this, which chapters should I prepare for my biotechnology gate exam.?
GATE syllabus
Biochemistry: Biomolecules-structure and functions; Biological membranes, structure,
action potential and transport processes; Enzymes- classification, kinetics and mechanism
of action; Basic concepts and designs of metabolism (carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids
and nucleic acids) photosynthesis, respiration and electron transport chain; Bioenergetics

Lavkesh Sharma
Biotechnology Student
sir intership can done after second year..????
(Yesterday, 02:02 AM)Anjali vyas Wrote: sir intership can done after second year..????


Lavkesh Sharma
Biotechnology Student
Sir I know the syllabus. I just want to know which chapters I should prepare from lehninger book. ? Please help

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Regarding the summer internship00